Forbidden Tango

Instrumental music from playful to dreamy, this album has music for every mood!  At its foundation is Laura Silverstein playing acoustic fingerstyle guitar, and from there various tracks include bass, mandolin, violin, accordion, organ, percussion.

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”  --Aldous Huxley

"When I listen to Laura, I hear the love she feels for the guitar and the music. She is grounded in the fingerstyle tradition but always adds a touch of her own to her arrangements. I am especially delighted by her original tunes."  John Knowles, CGP

Fingerstyle guitar....my passion...my voice. Instrumental music, played on guitar, banjo, alone, with a group...speaks straight from the heart. I discovered the thrill and passion of guitar as a teenager. In my college years, the groundbreaking playing of John Fahey opened the world of solo fingerstyle guitar, alternate tunings, and wonderful musical strangeness to me. After a couple of decades away from guitar while building and enjoying a satisfying career as an educational psychologist and university instructor, I've returned to music with unexpected passion and drive.

 In the 1990's, I fell in love with the banjo, and joined High Hills Bluegrass Band, one of just a handful of all-women bluegrass bands. It's been a real treat to make music with Leslie Reagan, Virginia Starling, and Cheryl Richards, my talented and exuberant bandmates and friends. Soon after forming as a band, High Hills opened for the Dixie Chicks, and we are happy to have also shared the stage with other bluegrass greats such as Del McCoury, Ricky Skaggs and Eddie Adcock at various festivals. We became regulars at the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena, and enjoyed playing many festivals and public and private events. From our debut in 1996 to our farewell concert in December of 2009 due to my move to Washington, High Hills enjoyed many wonderful years of music and gives many thanks to our loving and supportive friends and followers.

 In the last several years, I've returned to my first love--acoustic fingerstyle guitar. Through the inspirational guidance of guitarists John Knowles, Judy Fjell, Kay Eskenazi, Harmony Grisman, Eddie Pennington, Kent Hillman, Eric Schoenberg, and the modeling of Pat Donohue, Doc Watson, and Marcel Dadi, I've added ideas, skills, and more mind and heart to playing the guitar than ever before. A new adventure for me is teaching guitar and banjo at various music camps including Women Making Music, Motherlode's Northwest Women's Music Celebration, and Wild Jammin' Women,  Georgia Strait Guitar Workshop, and, in July, 2023, Puget Sound Guitar Workshop.  

Look for me playing various events and venues around the Seattle and Kitsap County areas, including wineries,, art galleries, garden tours/parties, as well as community and private events,.

Since moving to Washington, I've recorded three CD's at Empty Sea Studios in Seattle:  Holiday CD "Let it Snow," "Happiness is a Warm Guitar," and "Forbidden Tango."      

All are  available through Apple Music, Spotify, and numerous online sites.    Just search for me by name.   CDs may be purchased from me in person at any event.

Thank you for your visit to my website.  I know what a blessing it is to have music in my life, and it is my greatest pleasure to be able to share it with others.